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    Pentagram (Fibonacci-scale) music

    - new discovery based on scientific conception that lies at the intersection of bioinformatics and musical theory. This new musical language features a special (“genetic”) fractal-based organised system of scales based on the golden section and Fibonacci numbers.

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    Bionic sound design

    "Bioinformatics considers each living organism as an ensemble of information systems which are interrelated to each other."

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    "Any living organism is a great chorus of coordinated oscillatory processes... Biological organism is an oscillatory system with a great number of degrees of freedom."

  • We provide quality genetic music.

    Australian businessmen Tom Misner, founder and head of SAE Institute, have signed an agreement with the Moscow State Conservatory on cooperation in the field of musical education and development of innovative music industry

  • We provide scientific art and biotech

    "Art and science was going together and support each other for many ages. In we understand science as a tool in art. Bioinformatics-based technologies that we are developing and bioinformatics-based-art events that we are organizing are stimulating people to support farther research directed to developing new bio-technologies including:
    1 - software for better understanding of genetic phenomena (based on symmetric properties and hiden regulations inside genome);
    2 - treatment of socially significant diseases; prolongation of life and biological immortality;
    3 - new materials;
    4 - new biological-inspired technologies (including cybernetics);
    5 - new music and art.
    Prolongation of life and biological immortality - is a main aim of this research."

    Dr. Ivan V. Stepanyan

  • We provide bio technologies

    "Any living organism is a great chorus of coordinated oscillatory processes (mechanical, electrical, piezoelectrical, biochemical, etc.), which are connected with their genetic inheritance along chains of generations."

    Dr. Sergey Petoukhov


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John Doe The Moscow State Conservatory by P.I.Tchaikovsky has created recently a special “Center for interdisciplinary researches of musical creativity”. One of the main tasks of this center is to study the genetic musical scales from different viewpoints including new opportunities for composers and for musical therapy.

Prof. A.Koblyakov Director of this Centre, a dean of the Composer Faculty of the Conservatory.